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Zac Ploch

Cross-Community Flight: EasternHops, October 18, 3pm ET

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Boston Virtual ATC is pleased to be participating once again in another Cross-Community Flight (CCF), this time hosted by EasternHops.


As you may remember, BVA hosted CCF #3 in which the record for attendance in a multiplayer server was broken! We look forward to seeing our members out in full force once again to represent our community well.


As always, Cross Community Flights are not so much about the flight itself, but about the opportunity to come together with fellow aviation simulation enthusiasts who use FSX multiplayer to discuss topics like add-ons, simulation platforms, and different FSX communities. To facilitate conversation, this is a pilot-only event (ATC will not be provided at any of the controlled airports). Connection details are provided in the link below.


Date: Saturday, October 18

Time: 3pm ET (Begin connecting at 2pm ET)

TeamSpeak Server: ts3.easternhops.com (No password)

FSX Server: (No password)


More details about the flight are provided in this EasternHops Forum post.


We hope to see you there!

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