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Guest Lucas Kaelin

This thread aims to maintain a running list (sticky please) of our historical and current VFR Challenge events. Each line below will have a link to the forum post about the event, as well as a link to SkyVector showing the direct routes between the airports. Remember the direct routes can rarely be flown as such.


As the idea of the VFR Challenge events is to encourage pilots to fly low, slow, and look out the windows. Hence each event is designed around a standard set of rules, and a few events have an extra rule or two to provide a greater challenge. The basic idea is to navigate around obstacles, terrain, and airspace using only dead reckoning and pilotage while still maintaining VFR conditions. Many of these events are actually more fun when flown in marginal conditions, ceilings <3000ft visibility <5sm, and are worth going back and doing so even if you've already flown it in CAVOK.


Standard VFR Challenge Rules:

  • General aviation aircraft are preferred, and no time may any aircraft exceed 150 KIAS.
  • Navigation is to be by pilotage and dead reckoning only. NO radio or GPS navigation is permitted.
  • All published airspace boundaries and special use airspace must be avoided unless special permission has been received from ATC.
  • Proper use of published CTAF/UNICOM frequencies is required for non-controlled airports. Communication with ATC is required at staffed airports.



Previous Events:

Origins - 2011 Alaska - SkyVector

2012 Colorado - SkyVector Part A - SkyVector Part B

2012 Alaska - SkyVector

2013 Colorado - SkyVector

2013 ZBW Overwater - SkyVector Extra Rule: Remain over water unless within 4nm of an event airport.

2013 Hawaiian Island Hopping - SkyVector

2013 Boston Center Cross Country - SkyVector

2014 Colorado - SkyVector

2014 Alaska - SkyVector

2015 Colorado - SkyVector Extra Rule: Use only dirt/turf/grass/gravel runways where available.

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