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Evan Reiter

New Forum Feature

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A new "BBCode" tag has just been added to the forums. The "SizeImg" tag allows you to re-size an image by specifying a width in the tag.


For example, the line:



Will re-size the image to 1,000px wide. It will automatically adjust the height to maintain proportions.


Of course, you can still custom-size your image and add it using the "" tag as usual.



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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In addition to the above addition, we have also added a table feature as well. The three new buttons: "CELL", "ROW", and "TABLE" are all used to create a table while replying on the forums.


In order to create a table, the "TABLE" code must be placed around the entire code of rows and cells. You can see below an example of the code and then the final product:





Feel free to use the buttons "CELL", "ROW", and "TABLE" to insert the code as needed.

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