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Mark Lemire

Rotating/Expanded ATC Coverage

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I've not made a close study, but it seems that when ATC approach/tower/ground is covering ZBW_C airports during a non-event night, the odds are that KBOS, KBDL, KACK, or perhaps KPWM are the choices. I've been happy to see more airports under ZNY_C included recently and wondered if we might expand the list of towered airports under ZBW_C that get featured. Perhaps have a list of all the towered airports and rotate through them over time for more variety?

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People have their favorites lol, I myself am a fan of Bradley, but recently have gotten to liking Albany

Devon Hathaway - BVATC Scenery Design  "Cross Devon at or above 4000, cleared for the ILS RWY 9R approach"

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Guest slayer816

Mostly because they are close to KBOS allowing for multiple round trips throughout the session. But I agree, I shall pass that along.

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