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Guest Jason Herman

vZBW's Newest Ass [Chief]

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Guest Jason Herman

Please join me in welcoming ZBW's newest Ass Chief (DATM), Jack Gilbert (GT). Jack is an award winning mentor and has been officially recognized for his endless supply of Zantac. Jack is one of the most friendly persons I know, and a great controller. He will continue to serve vZBW as a mentor and now will assist me as a Deputy Air Traffic Manager.




Jack will gain access to my old corner office, and luckily it doesn't smell all that bad, considering I only had it for a short period of time and SO never occupied that space. He will also get a much better parking spot, far closer to the TRACON, and much further away from PI's chevy (if you can still call it that).




Welcome aboard, GT!

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Guest Hendrik den Hartog

Jack!! Hooooray!!!!!




[No disrepect intended, but..] Bloody Good Choice!

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Guest Paul Byrne

Absolutely fantastic!




Welcome to the back room Jack. There's no smell in here as we use the back handers we get to pay for air fresheners. I'll send you your official, monogrammed ZBW cat o' nine tails in the post.





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Guest Dave Perrelli

Congrats Jack!.




And HN - I wouldn't call it a Chevy anymore myself. It's more like "Pride of the Fleet." :D

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Guest Chris Seeber - RIP

Great news! You're a good man Jack. Thanks for taking on this responsibility and congratulations.

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Guest Scotte Zinn

Excellent! Wow!








I don't know if we've ever had an award winning controller on the exec :-)




-- Scotte

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