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  1. I'll add B76F as a type code alias in the next vPilot update. If anyone connects using B76F as their code, it will change it to B762 (or whatever UPS uses) for the purpose of model matching.
  2. I believe he is asking how to direct VATSIM ATC audio to the speakers ... this is done in the pilot client settings, not in Windows sound settings.
  3. I received a few errors during calscream last night, one of which is the same as Rob just posted: [02:29:40] Failed to create aircraft AWE2953 using model "BVA_FAIB_A319CFM_AAL-AmericanUW". The model may be corrupt or missing. vPilot will try to create the aircraft with a different model. [02:29:41] Failed to create aircraft CPZ6057 using model "BVA_RAI_E75L_CPZ-Compass". The model may be corrupt or missing. vPilot will try to create the aircraft with a different model. [02:29:50] Failed to create aircraft AWE2953 using model "BVA_FAIB_A319CFM_AAL-AmericanSL". The model may be corrupt or missing. vPilot will try to create the aircraft with a different model.
  4. Running the latest version, I've received some errors where vPilot tries to use the Robinson R22 to render a helicopter. The default R22 is not usable as AI, so it should be removed from the VMR file.
  5. I just promoted 2.1.11 to Stable, so now the beta and stable channels are the same. So you can keep your vPilot channel set to Stable if you want, and you'll now get 2.1.11 the next time you run it and perform the update.
  6. You are probably already aware of this, but that could be a matter of the static_cg_height value not being set correctly in the aircraft.cfg. vPilot uses that value (along with the height of the terrain at the aircraft's location) to ensure that the model is never rendered at an altitude that would put the wheels below ground. It could also be a glitch in the scenery but that's less likely. In any case, it's not an issue of scenery mismatch between the two users ... vPilot takes care of that as I described above.
  7. MR, can we touch base via email or phone/TS about the above? This should not be the case at all. You should be able to run multiple packages and set the priority for model matching, such that, e.g. vPilot will use BVAI's model matching rules first, then fall back to other packages. And it certainly should not cause vPilot to crash!
  8. It says on the 4.1 release page that they recommend just updating the client: "It is strongly recommended to only download and install the Client as there are only minor updates to content and scenery for this release." On that page they list the changes in each component so that you can decide what you need or don't need. The content and scenery changes do indeed look to be quite minimal for 4.1.
  9. That can be done by downloading the same data file that tools like VATSpy use.
  10. Anybody know what they mean by "online ATC integration" on the COMMS page?
  11. No, it does not. I plan to bring that feature back at some point to allow testing of custom rule sets and to help people find corrupt models that cause the sim to crash.
  12. Evan, I found that BE60 is already in the similar type code list for BE58. Did you run into a situation where vPilot would not use a BE58 model when a BE60 was encountered?
  13. Gotcha ... so you're using model matching rules to create type-specific default models. Makes sense. I personally hate to see the wrong airline livery shown on an aircraft, so I prefer to just see a plain white model, so that it's obvious that it's a mismatch. One reason for this is because if ground control tells me to follow the Air France triple 7, and I see a United triple 7, I'm going to keep looking for the Air France. Ideally we'd have a plain white model for each aircraft type, but that just isn't the case, so I default to the A320 or the CRJ. It works the same for helis as it does for fixed wing. The model matching database that vPilot downloads from the server contains a list of similar aircraft types. (This was in a text file in V1.) vPilot makes use of the similar types as described in this section of the docs: http://vpilot.metacraft.com/Documentation2.aspx#model-matching-rules The last few paragraphs there describe the multiple passes vPilot makes through the rules, first starting with the actual filed type code, then if no matches are found, it makes another pass checking for matches using similar type codes. I will add BE60 as a similar code to the BE58. For the reason I mentioned above, I don't want to add automatic matching rules that would result in a UAL B772 being used for an AFR B772. That's really something the individual user should decide on, so a custom vmr file is certainly appropriate there. I was mainly wondering if you had identified some WoAI models that vPilot didn't know about and was thus not making use of via automatic matching. Doesn't sound like that's the case.

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