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Guest Jason Herman

N90 (NY Approach) Positions

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Guest Jason Herman

Hi Guys,


I got an e-mail this afternoon from the ZNY DATM (Matthew Kreilein) regarding the new N90 sectorization they are now using.


Their primary approach control positions are now going to be the final vector positions at each airport and are as follows:


EWR - NY_NFI_APP on 125.50

LGA - NY_LFI_APP on 134.95

JFK - NY_KFI_APP on 132.40

PHL - PHL_F1_APP on 125.40


I have no idea why they are changing the primary positions around, but I can find out if anyone is curious.




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Guest Jason Herman

Well NY has decided to go back to its old sectorization (no surprise there):


So, we have:


EWR Area - NY_ARD_APP on 128.55

LGA Area - NY_HRP_APP on 120.80

JFK Area - NY_CAM_APP on 127.40

PHL Area - PHL_NA_APP on 128.40


We're also gonna move away from opening CAM first and try to spread the wealth to ARD/HRP instead.  We're trying to take some focus of JFK.  It shouldn't affect you guys that much at all since ALL our TRACON guys should have the fields they are serving in their ATIS.  So, if you see HRP/CAM online, for example, then HRP SHOULD be taking EWR/LGA area with CAM taking JFK area.  However, ALL our TRACON controllers are supposed to have their Dep/App fields in their ATIS so if in doubt do the .atis.

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Guest Jason Herman



Yes, very frustrating to say the least.  I knew they would be reverting back to the old primary positions after a few months of their last scheme.


It's actually much easier to think of the sectorization by sector name: ARD=Yardley, HRP=HAARP, CAM=CAMRN.  We'll still have to check their ATISs as usual though.

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Guest Michael Roche

I have an idea they might want to consider:





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Guest Larry Warner



Any chance you could just sneak in some code into VRC that allows us to just type:


.ho NY


and it'll flash a handoff to all New York radar controllers. The first one to accept it gets the the comms handoff?  ;D


Countdown to the next N90 "sector shuffle": 1 month, 14 day, 5 hours, 12 minutes


I like that idea.  The inverse of ".transfer"  ;D

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