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Guest Yun Chase

My Flight in PHNL

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Guest Yun Chase




(I hope either of the links above works⬦)


In spirit of this weekâ¬"s upcoming Pack the Pattern event at PHNL, I wanted to share with my BVATC friends a Youtube photo montage (link above) of my actual flight around the Hawaiian island of Oahu back in 2007. I was in Honolulu for a work conference and took the opportunity to go on a dual flight in a C172 with a CFII (Bob) from a local FBO based in PHNL. I also brought along my step brother, Jeff who was stationed at Hickham Air Force Base at the time.


We took off from PHNL and made a left handle circle around the entire island of Oahu. It is one of the most memorable flights I have ever done and enjoyed every minute of it. Iâ¬"ve listed some points of interests⬦ see if you can pick them out⬦


Beaches of Waikiki, Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, Kaneohe Bay Marine Corp Air Station, some magical views of the mountains, Turtle Bay Golf Resort, Gliders at Dillingham Airfield, Radar facilities on the Kaena Point, Pearl Harbor, a poignant view of the Arizona Memorial (you can clearly make out the oil still leaking out of USS Arizona), U. of Hawaii Football Stadium (Home of NFLâ¬"s Pro Bowl), Terminals of Honolulu Airport, short final on Runway 4L.


Unfortunately, I wonâ¬"t be able to make it to this weekâ¬"s events since I will be on business travel to Toronto⬦ which is disappointing since I was looking to do this flight again during the PP event. In any case, hope these views get you guys fired up before your flight on Wednesday! :D





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