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Guest Paul Byrne

New Facility Engineer

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Guest Paul Byrne

To all and sundry,


Just to let you all know that we now have a new position within the Boston Staff.


The Facilty Engineer will be responsible for maintaining all of our sector files and checking new sector files for errors and standard formatting. Any new sector files that are being created shall be submitted to the Facility Engineer and co-ordinated with them while they are being created.


Now allow me to welcome Gary Millsaps (MS) as vZBWs new Facility Engineer. You've already seen some of Garys work with the new Boston Tower sector file and I hope you can agree he is the best man for the job.


For anyone interesed in creating new sector files for Boston, please contact Gary through private message on this forum and he will make you part of the facilities team. He can also provide information on the standard formatting that we will be using at ZBW from now on and also assign you to any sector file projects that need work.


Please note that the Facility Engineers job is not to train anybody on how to create a sector file although he can help out with any problems you might have. A knowledge and/or experience in creating sector files will be expected to be a part of the facilities team.


Welcome, Gary! Is there anything you can't do?  ;D



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Guest JC Guyett

Congrats Gary,

  I guess you really know how to play the game, build an amazing sector file for tower and create a paying position for yourself within the organization.  Must be great to receive that 50% raise from the mentor pay you were receiving.


Great job man..

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The best ARTCC just got better ... having a facilities engineer is the way to go, and MS is a perfect fit for the job. Congrats Gary.

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Guest amusselman

Def. agree with Ross's comment.  Great work on the tower sectorfile. I know future things you work on will be just as awesome.  Thanks for the time and hard work you put into making them.

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Guest Derek M

I couldn't think of a better man for the job.  Does that mean you get overalls and a cart?


Congratulations, MS! (I think thats #5)



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Guest Gary Millsaps

Does that mean you get overalls and a cart?


Ahem...haven't found anything about refuse disposal in there...Jason did mention something about a hard hat, pocket protector and a genuine simulated gold plated slide rule...whoa! Can't wait!



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Guest Larry Warner

Great work Gary.  This ARTCC is a magnet for talent.  The best attracts the best and brings out the best in the best.


(I best sit down now  :o)

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