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Guest Paul Byrne

vZBWs newest Facilities Engineer

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Guest Paul Byrne

Hi Guys,


Firstly I would like to thank Mike Roche for his invaluable service to vZBW as Facilities engineer for the last year. Mike has helped create some amazing features. All the TRACON sector files you use have come from Mike. Also the new K90 SOP that was recently released is pretty much all down to Mike aswell. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of this from RE in the future.


Now, please join me in welcoming Andrew Smiley (SY) as vZBWs newest Facilities Engineer. SY has loads of experience in this field as he has been assisting RE for the last 4-5 months helping to create new Twr Trainer and ACSim files. As you can see, we're in good hands again and I'm sure you'll be noticing SYs contribution to vZBW over the coming months.


Welcome aboard Andrew! Good to have you with us.



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Guest AA

Congrats, SY! When are the Class D's going to be done? :) jk

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Guest Jason Herman

Congratulations, looking forward to working with you on new projects of the like.



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Guest Andrew Smiley

Thanks guys. Look forward to giving you all the best of my work.



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Guest Will Stewart

OWD. Gimme.


Just kidding! (I'd really like LEB instead! haha) Congrats!

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Guest Jordan Vartanian

Naaa don't waste your time on LEB, I've been nagging for it for months  :D  From the rumors I've heard, they don't have any releasable video maps.

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