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Guest Paul Byrne

Welcome vZBWs newest Training Administrator

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Guest Paul Byrne

Hi guys,


Please join me in welcoming Mike Catalfamo (CO) as our newest Training Administrator. Mike brings with him years of experience controlling and instructing at vZBW and I'm sure you will agree is the right man for the job.


Welcome to the team Mike!


Guys, you'll find Mike has some good plans for the training staff here. We'll be bringing new Mentors and Instructors online and getting to grips with making more people available for training.


I'd also like to say a very special word of thanks to the outgoing TA, Dan Everette. Guys, I don't have to tell you how hard this guy has worked over the last 6-7 months in getting your new training program up and running. I'm sure you can agree that Dan has done absolutely superb work as TA at vZBW and has set an incredibly high standard in our training and controlling ability. Without Dans tireless work, we'd be still 6 months behind in getting the new system online. This is one man we all owe a drink to ;).


On a personal note. Dan, not only have you been the best damn TA an ATM could have, but you've also been my friend (The type that would bail you out of a Singapore jail!). I know it may not have seemed like it sometimes, but I wouldn't have wanted anyone else in that position considering what we had to do. You've been as steady as a rock and have helped to steer this ARTCC in maintaining it's reputation as one of the premier ARTCCs on VATSIM. I hope you (like me) can take pride in that. Dude, it's time for us to sit down and get hammered!


Anyway guys, "Boston Information QUEBEC is current........That is all"



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Awesome, awesome, awesome stuff; good for you Mike ! I look forward your tenure.


Dan, I cant´t refute all the hard work you have put into the training program. I appreciate it, thanks a lot !


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Guest AA

Congratulations CO! I hope you enjoy being the Training Administrator. EE, thanks for all your help with setting up the new training program. You were always around when I made my mistakes as a mentor, and I seriously do appreciate that  :) I still hope to see you on the scopes.



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Mike, you have my heartiest congratulations, best wishes and full support as our new TA.  You have some incredibly huge shoes to fill, but you leave no one any doubt that you'll fill them just fine!


Dan, Paul could not be more correct.  You have been steady as a rock, tireless in your determination and pursuit of excellence, and have left an incredible legacy.  My strong hope is that we'll see more of you on the scopes, teaching and mentoring, now that you've set up a rock-solid foundation.


And to both of you guys, have fun!

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Guest Jason Herman

Congrats to both!  Dan, you've been a great TA and CO definitely has some big shoes to fill.  You've done more for the training program as TA than any other staff member I've been around to witness in vZBW.


Good luck, Mike!




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Guest Paul Heaney

Thanks for all you've done Dan, and Mike Welcome, I look forward to seeing what new ideas you have for ZBW.

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Guest Jordan Vartanian

Congrats CO! I know that we will be seeing many great things coming from ya! Dan, you have helped ZBW in many ways and thank you for your hard work and determination.


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Guest Will Stewart

Thanks EE for your work! Welcome CO!

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Guest Peter Moynahan

Great Job EE!  Can't wait to start working even more with you CO. 

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Guest Philip Chu

Congratulations to CO, and Dan, thanks for all the work you've done in the short time I've been here. (I believe i was one of the guinea pigs with the new test questions :P)

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Guest JC Guyett

Congratulations Mike, I placed my order for 5,000 shares of Advil already, I am sure the price is about to skyrocket with the increased sales. 


I really can't say enough about both of you.  I have been around for quite a few years and have worked with Dan both as a student and mentor, and both have been educational and rewarding.   I really can't say enough good things about the training program Dan fabricated, dare I say the best on VATSIM?  To finally have a program that standardizes our training program and provides rock solid guidance for the training staff is truly remarkable.  Many hours of hard work and dedication went in to its development and ZBW will benefit from it for years to come. 


The same feelings hold true for Mike, I spent many a training session in the sweatbox under Mikes guidance, and many times needed a shower afterwards.  Mike is certainly capable of making the "sweatbox" live up to its name.  Having been a student and then fellow mentor with Mike I have no doubt the ZBW training department is in good hands.  I look forward to working with and contributing to the bright future of ZBW.


Again thank you Dan, and congratulations Mike.



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Guest Mike Catalfamo

Thanks everyone...I look forward to continuing to work with all of you in the months to come!  And again Dan, thanks for your unwavering dedication to ZBW's training program over the last few years!



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