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Guest Paul Byrne

Welcome vZBWs new Facilities Team

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Guest Paul Byrne

Hi guys,


More new things!


Please join me in welcoming Michael Detmold (DD) and Rich Bonneau (BU) as vZBWs new Facilities Leads. DD and BU have been tasked with maintaining our Sector files, Twr Trainer/AcSim, Alias files and the simroutes database. They will also be maintaining correct information on all the vZBW fields as per the Airport information pages we have.


If any of you feel that you may be able to help out, if you have any suggestions or if you spot something wrong with our airport information pages, please contact Michael or Rich and they will work feverishly on your behalf to sort it out for you. ;)


I know Michael and Rich already have some plans and I'm sure you'll be seeing some nice new things being released over the coming months.


Welcome guys!



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Guest Jason Herman

Welcome, guys!  Looking forward to working with you both.




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Guest Mike Catalfamo

Congratulations guys!

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Guest Andrew Smiley

Congrats have fun guys.



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Guest Peter Moynahan

Nice!, Can't wait to work with you.

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Guest Philip Chu

congratulations guys, DD your FMH file is cool and BU hope I get to see some of your updated SCT files :)

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