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Guest Paul Byrne

vZBW has a new Training Administrator!

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Guest Paul Byrne

Hi guys,


Please join me in congratulating Don Desfosse as vZBWs newest Training Administrator.


A lot of of you will know Don quite well as a dedicated instructor and all round vZBW team player. I'm sure you can all agree he's the right man for the job.


Don has a lot of plans to spice up the training program and I'm sure he'll be sharing them with you in the near future.


I'd like to thank Mike Catalfamo for all his hard work in taking the TA position for the last few months. CO stood up and helped out while we were in the transition period with the new senior staff. You were a God send, dude. Fair play to you.


Onwards and upwards guys!



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Guest Philip Chu

Don is the man....nice and congratulations

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Guest Rodger Johnson

Wow im guessing this is one of the final steps on the vatsim career. You guys might remember when he was only an S1 but I remember when he was a Class Bravo Approach controller. Got to say hes helped me out a lot, without him I wouldnt be in the position I am in now. with this position I know he will make the right decisions and moves for the whole ZBW.





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Guest Will Stewart

Well appointed, DO is made for this position!! Congrats Don!

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Those really aren't bottles of Evian in the TA office fridge, it's cleverly disguised Tanqueray.

Nice!  I like Tangueray almost as much as you like chicken!


Seriously, folks, thanks for all the kind words and show of support and encouragement.  My goal is to continue ZBW's great legacy of accuracy, professionalism and excellence, while at the same time building up our ranks and our retention and having fun doing it.  Those sometimes appear to be conflicting goals -- it's hard to build up a large roster when you're a lot more picky than most about accuracy and excellence -- but I have no doubt that together, this team can do it.  My predecessors have left large shoes to fill; I look forward to adding to our legacy.

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Guest Jason Herman

Congrats, can't think of a more qualified candidate for the position.  We're going to have a great training program with Don at the helm.



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