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Guest ascrabbleboy

Denver Metro area would be an interesting event.

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Guest ascrabbleboy

I recently moved out of the Denver area, did my PPC training there.


Class B airspace with 4 class D airports within the area.


If we could have 1 person running center/app/dep, and 1 on kden,kftg,kapa,kbjc


I think it would be interesting to hop from airport to airport in the small area, (it is in real life)

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Guest ascrabbleboy

hrm i see it was already done.. owell, too bad i missed out on it.

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Guest Brandon Carter

Yes, BVA had a getaway event in Colorado a few months ago.


Getaways usually cycle so you can probably expect another one there sometime in the future.

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Usually Aspen / Denver is our Christmas getaway, so it should be coming around in a few months as Brandon said.

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Guest ascrabbleboy

I've actually been in denver center, KDEN tower, KAPA tower, and KFTG tower... it's pretty cool.

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