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Don Desfosse

ZBW's Newest Training Administrator

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It gives me great pleasure to announce that Michael Detmold (DD) [s:227tx65i]believed my lies[/s:227tx65i] [s:227tx65i]took the bait[/s:227tx65i] has graciously accepted a new assignment as ZBW's newest Training Administrator.  Michael has been instructing here since the beginning of the year, was a Mentor prior to that, and is tremendously knowledgeable about ZBW and its operations.


Please join me in welcoming Michael into his new role. 

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Guest Rodger Johnson

IM proud of you Mikel!





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Guest Glenn Buonanducci

Congrats Mike.  Holding the standard here at ZBW.  See you in the SB sometime.

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Guest Jacob Bush

Very nice, Congratulations Mr. Detmold!

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Guest Dale Willette

[MOD] Dale, though I appreciate the sentiment behind your post, and am sure you wish me the best as the new TA, you would be well served to read the multiple welcome emails we sent you. This will help get you properly set up here, and make your stay at ZBW a most pleasant one. [/MOD]

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Guest Mike Catalfamo

Congratulations and good luck, Mike!



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Guest Paul Byrne

Great choice!


Congrats Mike! You don't know what you've let yourself in for ;).


Look forward to working with you.



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Guest Jason Herman

It's been super busy for me the last week or two so I apologize for not posting sooner. Congratulations on your new position, Mike. It's great to see you in upper level management, you deserve it.



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