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Don Desfosse

Position Posting: Facility Engineer

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I don't know if it's me or if there's something in the water around here....  But I can't seem to hold onto my staff....  Last week my Webmaster gets promoted to become Houston's ATM, and this week my Facility Engineer gets promoted to VATUSA Division Director :)


Anyway, without further ado:



The Boston ARTCC (vZBW) is currently seeking a Facility Engineer who will provide compelling capability and effective management of the vZBW facilities infrastructure function.  The Facility Engineer will also be responsible for the creation, delivery, management, quality and governance of the vZBW facilities infrastructure.



Key Accountabilities:

* Reports to the Boston Air Traffic Manager

* Develops, maintains and manages the ARTCC's facilities infrastructure, including sector files, alias files, position files, VRC/ASRC files, TowerTrainer and ACSIM facilities files, etc.

* Must respond quickly to facilities issues and needs

* Employs the use of and manages other ARTCC members' efforts to increase bandwidth

* Functions as an ARTCC staff member and attends periodic meetings as necessary



Required Skills:

* Must be an active member of the network in good standing with a clean history and no previous incidence of intentional disciplinary issues

* Familiar with sector file design methodologies and utilities

* Familiar with tools such as VRC, ASRC, Gndmaker, alias files, etc.

* Must be able to succeed in a team environment

* Must have excellent written and oral communication skills



Desired Skills:

* Demonstrated experience developing and/or maintaining facilities/sector files

* Familiar with TowerTrainer and/or ACSIM

* Familiar with ZBW airspace and procedures


Applicant must provide letter of application, including resume to include examples of previous work.  Letter of application should summarize the applicant's reasons for wanting to join the Boston team, compelling evidence to show how the position requirements are met, and how the function will thrive under the applicant's leadership. 


Applications should be submitted to Don Desfosse, ZBW Air Traffic Manager, at atm -at- bostonartcc.net.




Additionally, we are looking for 2-3 interested team members who are willing to work specific sector file development projects as assigned by the Facility Engineer.  Contact DO if you are interested in further supporting the team.

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Note:  This posting is still open!  I'd appreciate it if anyone on our team knows anyone that's qualified, or even has the interest in learning, to let them know about this opening!  We have several projects lining up in queue!

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Guest Kyle Gallagher

I'm the FE at ZOB, so if the new team would like pointers or tips, I'd be glad to help!

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I'll second GA's offer of guidance with one of my own.


I spent a year or so as ZMP's FE, and still have quit a bit of involvement in that unit under Logan Gloss now.

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