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Devon Hathaway

Domestic Journey 10-28-10

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Well this new job pretty much has me permanently on the night shift so my participation in the RC's and other weekly event will pretty much be non-existant but I love the DJ's and would like to get some recaps/feedback/comments from pilots and controllers on how tonights event went??!! I really wanted to be there because I was born in SLC and my little brother is serving a mision there. So anyways let's hear it!!!

Devon Hathaway - BVATC Scenery Design  "Cross Devon at or above 4000, cleared for the ILS RWY 9R approach"

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Guest Chris Eells

I had a good time. Took about an hour to get get a two-ship flight of A-10s from Helena to Hill AFB. Took off a little before dusk and landed with the Night Vision Goggles. I really appreciated the controllers staying on a little late to accommodate us. I think our flight was the last one out of Helena, and last ones down at KHIF. Saw some traffic, but it wasn't too chaotic. Spent most of the flight teaching my wingman how to navigate on the VORs -- he did a good job twisting course knobs and changing frequencies while flying tight formation. It was his first flight on BVA -- I've flown with him for about a year, but just convinced him to join BVA. Hope to have more fun soon.


Sorry you missed the event.


See you at the BVA birthday party,



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