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Don Desfosse

Riding for a cure

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As most of you know, other than my family, there is not a lot more important to me than my VATSIM family.  And I truly look forward to fun, food, drink and fellowship with all of you during the Boston Tea Party event.  Well, one of our family won't be able to make it this year, and I want to tell you why.  Dave Pascoe (PE), one of our senior and long-time controllers who usually comes out and works Center each year, will be riding in the Pan Mass Challenge, an annual bike ride to raise funds to help come up with a cure for cancer.  I can't think of a nobler thing.  The PMC rides through 46 cities and towns in Massachusetts, and the ride is up to 190 miles.  And it doesn't faze the riders at all -- they have a mission to accomplish! 


I have been affected by cancer -- three of my grandparents have died of it, my mother is a three time survivor, and three of my friends have various forms of cancer now (and are fighting it).  Statistically speaking, the odds are good that I will get, and die from, some form of cancer as well.  Same for my two beautiful daughters.  I want to do everything I can to save them and keep them safe.  Supporting the PMC is one small way in which I can try to make a difference. 


I have long been a PMC supporter, sponsoring many folks who have undertaken the good fight to help raise funds for cancer research, and rid our world of this terrible disease.  I am proud to support PE in his effort, and encourage anyone who has the ability to do so as well.  Or if your parents, friends, loved ones, or any other fokls that you know are looking for someone to support, I encourage you to support Dave.  The link to his PMC page is here:  http://www.pmc.org/profile/DP0183

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