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Don Desfosse

ZBW's Newest Training Administrator

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It gives me great pleasure to announce that Mike Willey (WY) [s:39n5b3dp]believed my lies and[/s:39n5b3dp] has accepted a new assignment as ZBW's Training Administrator.  As most of you know, Mike is a real world pilot (and airplane owner!), is a fabulous ATC instructor, and is one of our most respected members.  He is a ball of energy, loves aviation, loves VATSIM, loves ZBW, and it shows.


I also want to take this opportunity to thank Matt Spencer (SP) from the bottom of my heart for serving admirably in the TA role for the past two plus years.  Matt has done a fabulous job in this role; he is extremely knowledgeable, an absolutely outstanding controller, an absolutely outstanding instructor, has done yeoman's work tweaking our exam question bank, and has been a great leader at the helm of the training department.  Unfortunately, as happens to most or all of us from time to time, real world obligations have made it necessary for him to step back for a little while.  We still hope that Matt will find time to control and instruct with us as he is able; he's far to valuable to lose to piddly little real world things like earning a living and paying for school.... ;)


Please join me in congratulating Mike, wishing him the best, and supporting him as he transitions into this new role.

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Firstly, congratulations and a big thank you to WY for accepting the challenge of this important role. Training is the lifebood of this ARTCC and maintaining the delicate balance of growing our facility without compromising on ZBW's high standards is critical to our future success.  Plus, as DO noted, Mike has the background, skill set, and personality that will enable him to be very successful in this new role.  Again, thanks Mike!


I'd also like to echo DO's comments about Matt Spencer and thank him for his efforts here at ZBW!


Rich Bonneau (BU)

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I do believe I did Mike's very first training sessions at ZBW, and remember thinking that he would be an excellent asset. He has certainly proved that to be true. Congratulations Mike, ZBW training is in great hands!

Tom Seeley

Deputy Director, VATUSA

ZBW Visiting Controller

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I will have to make a point to get a road trip up by WVL to congratulate you in person. Good deal WY. SP, even when you were (and I'm sure you still are) busy as hell, you still made a great effort around here. I, and surely everyone else, thank you for that.

Francis Dube (DB)



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Good deal WY.


In ATC circles, what exactly is a "good" deal?


Oh, the ones at Tea Party where noone really dies!  That's right!




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