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  1. Love F Any chance of adding Concorde? A lot of them flying these days (including me). Colimata Concorde is operational, and there are two more (Aeroplanes Heaven & DC Designs) that have been announced. What do you say ?
  2. Mystery of the J-Pad solved. Still had BVARTCC KBOS scenery installed (at higher priority than FlyTampa KBOS). With that removed, the J-pad are available.
  3. Wonder if mine is up to date... Nope! Its not. I'll Update
  4. Forgot about slewing. Thank will work. FYI the S Parking 1-4 and the J-pad are not the same. If you position at S Parking 1, you end up at spot 11 facing Building 57 labeled Fed EX (FlyTampa scenery) which on the Navigraph AD is labeled "Cargo Ramp" and is just north of J-pad. Thanks Eric Dziura
  5. Booked KBOS-EKCH. Your BG states "On the Ground: After 5 seconds, your departure slot is automatically cancelled. ATC will need to re-sequence you for departure. DO NOT re-connect where you were last. Instead, reposition while offline to the “J-Pad” (shown below), then re-connect. " My question concerns the reposition...to the J-Pad. I'm using FlyTampa scenery, and the J-Pad (as far as I can tell) is not one of the choices for P3DV4 Aircraft Location. Any suggestions about how to do this reposition? Thanks for the excellent guide. Eric Dziura PS: can be done with P3DV4 MAP function but only by trial & error.
  6. FYI found this webpage of interest... https://www.nbaa.org/ops/cns/pbn/climb-via/ Has info, news, briefings, cheat sheets, links to other resources including FAA VIDEO concerning 'climb via SID' which might be of interest. Interestingly NavCanada has temporarily suspended using CVS due to "altitude deviations and the resulting unforeseen workload increase" after instituting it in April.

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