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  1. Please join me in congratulating Taylor Mock (MK) on completing his C TWR OTS! Taylor did an excellent job sequencing VFR aircraft into Nantucket around a steady stream of IFR arrivals and expertly handled an annoying weekend warrior puttering around the delta airspace to get some pictures of the island. Great job and have fun working tower!
  2. Please join me in congratulating Ben Rosenberg (RG) for passing his C TWR OTS! Ben came very prepared to tackle busy intersecting runway scenarios at Portland with pesky PRP WINGS VFR 1 pilots in the pattern. Enjoy your new certification!
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  4. Strap on your lederhosen, grab a bratwurst, and join me in the biergarten to celebrate Milan Kroemer's (KE) new promotion to S2! Milan tackled high traffic volumes at Portland and confidently sequenced VFR arrivals into Nantucket to earn his new rating. Keep up the great work!
  5. Please join me in congratulating Braden Kearney (KY) for passing his Boston Ground OTS! Braden always came prepared to work congested frequencies, issue PDCs and sequence departures on Boston's complex taxiways in the Sweatbox. Well done and enjoy your new certification!
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  7. Congrats! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Please join me in congratulating Bradley Dill (DL) for passing his S2 OTS! Bradley expertly hanDLed a very difficult session on Nantucket tower sequencing VFR arrivals into the pattern while making room for IFR jets on the ILS. Excellent job and enjoy your new rating!

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