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  1. No it's not that James Taylor, but please welcome our newest certified S1 controller @James Taylor(TL)! TL took advantage of the self-study videos, came to the first session prepared and built off each session. James spent 8 years in the military and is currently pursuing a degree in electrical engineering. I look forward to controlling with TL on the network and you should too!
  2. Please welcome our newest S1 DEL/GND controller @Chris Pustelnikas(PT)! Chris caught the controlling bug back in July and patiently waited to show off his skills. PT has started the process of enlisting into the United States Air Force, with aspirations of becoming a real-world controller. Congrats again Chris and can't wait to see you on the network!
  3. Congrats BY! He was so eager to get on today that he forgot to remove the _S_!
  4. Thanks everyone!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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