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  1. Agreed Devon. But look into the Cross Community Flight (CCF), many aircraft were joined into the server while glitching was a big factor in the spectrum of the event. Looking into the actual roles, very few (on my account) were seen as glitched. So for this Oshkosh Event would most likely be outlined just like the CCF with problems already pre-planned.
  2. Good call on that. But that is why we coordinate aircraft allowed to fly with certain textures so tower can see textures and aircraft type.
  3. So lets say we wanted to get some traffic congestion; traffic advisories; maybe some heavy loaded traffic? Well Oshkosh might be the place to go. Just the congestion and the experience you can find in that area, amazing. Anyways, I wanted to propose this to the members to see if we can head back up to Oshkosh. Get the "quiet, no response frequency." Now, for this to happen as a Challenge Event (the route I am planning to take it as) we need traffic. Traffic is what makes Oshkosh the place to fly with tons of quick responses. If this goes somewhere with everyone agreeing, we could begin disc
  4. Congrats to all pilots and all controllers on the long weekend. I had my chances to talk with some great people and it was an amazing time. I hoped everyone had a fun 61 hours of ATC!