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  1. Congrats, KF! A great achievement, the real learning starts now!
  2. Congrats, both! I look forward to seeing what you have in store for the community! Josh, many thanks for organising some of VATSIM's greatest events. I just wish my time zone had let me participate in more of them...
  3. Interesting, I just tried each one of them and all positions from 1 through 5 put me on the corresponding J-pad spot. Perhaps you have another version of the scenery? Sounds like you've found a way to get there though so it should be fine!
  4. Hi Eric, The J-pad positions are called "S PARKING 1-5" and labelled GA RAMP in the FlyTampa AFCAD. However, depending on how quickly your P3D reloads scenery it might be quicker to just slew there (whilst offline of course). Enjoy CTP!