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  1. That's some SRious work, congrats!
  2. Congrats, all! Thanks for stepping up!
  3. The short answer is that B76F is an invalid type code. Invalid code -> no model. It should most likely be B763 in this case but could potentially also be B762 or B764. From a flight planning/ATC standpoint, it doesn’t matter whether you’re hauling passengers or iPhones and there’s thus just one type code per plane (B77F is another common one that VATSIM pilots seem to have invented). I’ll let one of the FLAI guys comment on whether there’s any logic in the FLAI model matching rules that can bypass these VATSIMisms though.
  4. Great job, GD! Bet I'll see you on Center in no time!
  5. Well done, HS! See you in the dark room :D

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We are a free, immersive, and realistic air traffic control community for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. We provide air traffic control within the Boston ARTCC on VATSIM. We are not affiliated with the FAA, or the real-world Boston Center facility.

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