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Gilles Lagace

D&A - off-events announcement : Featured airport(s) - KBAF

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* EXPERIMENTAL D&A * Off-events fly-ins TO/FROM


* D&A stands for : DEPARTURE & ARRIVAL ... the concept is to fly freely as you are the Pilot in Command (PIC) ... but use the featured airport in YOUR flight plan as... "the" DEPARTURE or "the" DESTINATION ... you may have to broadcast on UNICOM 122.95 ... or use the active ATC frequencies. :)


Examples : 1B9 > KBOS ... KCON > 1B9 .... KBDL > 1B9 .... Your Home Town Airport > 1B9


*** Please do NOT reply to this TOPIC... as it is meant for your information about the choices of airports we will make. Here you will have basic information to allow you to try this concept. So, please comment and post thoses wonderful creative ideas and opinions of yours in the "parent" topic called : "Please share your experience of D&A Experimental off-events"




IMPORTANT : When ATC controllers are working at any other aiport, please join them and happily work together, this is priority at BVATC....



:!: KBAF = Westfield/Barnes ... Westfield/Springfield, MA --- is Class "D" airport, just north of Class "C" Bradley Intl (KBDL)

Will operate from SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 18th at 09:00 EDT until SATURDAY OCTOBER 2nd 09:00 EDT. As always ATC staff is welcome. D&A is for all members.






This is to help you get familiar with our "Share the Cockpit" STC Offices located in the new terminal at Westfield/Barnes, under the Direction of Vince (NWTech75). We welcome you to request a "STC" flight with our mentors... See latest update for FlighDesk software ... that you will have to download... Please remove your FlightDesk application and then opt for the new update featuring a "Share the Cockpit" EXPERIMENTAL folder, where Mentors await your calls and request.


Following KBAF we invite you to get prepared for the "Ga" event coming on OCTOBER 8th.

http://www.bostonvirtualatc.com/dnn/Get ... fault.aspx


Gilles | CYUL | Founder of the "TANGO SQUADRON" - BVA member since July 31st 2008



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