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Gilles Lagace

What is this "TANGO SQUADRON" ?

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Hi Everyone,


Maybe you have wondered about a mysterious Squadron haunting the skies of ZBW or elsewhere in the World.


Well, some of you know me, and have seen my group plan flights as we post them in the PILOT TIMETABLE.


The purpose of such "Tuesday EDT afternoon FLIGHTS" is to allow European members or other members from different time zones to practice standard BVARTCC evening EVENTS ... which occur at 2 am European sleeping time, for example.


So please join us on Teamspeak and fly along with the TANGO SQUADRON, if this suits your own schedule better. We meet around 12:45 EDT, every Tuesdays.


My name is Gilles, aka "airtangofive". My friends are from Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, the US North East and so on ... and of course Canada and Quebec where I come from. We can use a mix of many languages. I've been gathering great people for as long as I was a member of the BVARTCC community ... since 2008.  ;)


NEXT FLIGHT : My flight is one of 7 SIMULTANEOUS Tango Squadron airport departures to Boston Logan (KBOS)... from KBHB KDCA KDXR KGFL KHIE KISP and KSWF.--- ALL WELCOME!

Gilles | CYUL | Founder of the "TANGO SQUADRON" - BVA member since July 31st 2008



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