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Madison Allen

[Possible Event?] Bonanza Meet Up

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I was wondering if some time (hopefully during a weekend day) we could have a meet up of just Bonanzas at one of the ZBW airports such as Worcester, Augusta, etc.

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My primary concern with an event of this type that BVA organizes and advertises is it's level of popularity specifically relating to Bonanzas. I think you'd find that a lot of people participated but in a general aviation plane that they like the most. At that point, it essentially becomes one of our GA Fly-In events.


For an event this specific, I'd encourage you to work on organizing it yourself. In other words, find other people in the community that enjoy flying Bonanzas as much as you do. Form a group and find a day and time that you all want to have a meet-up/fly-in. Once you've coordinated the details, simply reach out to our Events Coordinator at [email protected] to request ATC staffing.


You can use this thread along with the Discord #group-flights channel to try to find others that would be interested in participating.



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