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Clif Whitten

We COuldn't be prouder

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Anyone who has been following Christopher "Ginger" Olmstead's aviation journey knows that he has been pouring his heart and soul to training to be Chinook pilot in the U.S. Army.   We have no doubt that, given his dedication,  Chris will make a top notch Hooker!  Between time spent training, the need to relocate, and an upcoming deployment, Chris has made the difficult decision to step down as our Facility Engineer.   Serving in that position for nearly three years, Chris has been pivotal in transforming and organizing our facility documents into what they are today.  Many of the airport updates that you see, dot commands that you issue as a controller,  and ATISs that you make and hear are because of work that Chris put in to creating and maintaining that infrastructure. 


Ginger, on behalf of the entire Administration Team, we  couldn't be prouder of your accomplishments, or more grateful for your service to both our country and this community!  Thank you. 


The Facility Engineer position announcement is pinned at the top of this forum.   Applications will be accepted until 09 November 2019.








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Thank you for everything you've done for this community and for its members.
You're hard working, conscientious and competent, and I'm sure you'll do well in whatever you pursue.
I hope to see you around, share this weird hobby with you and get to hear some crazy stories from your flying career 😉
Good luck!
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