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  1. Good work, welcome to the team KY!
  2. This has been mentioned to us previously and is definitely on our to-do list. The list is pretty big and has a few big goals on it, but rest assured we're going to get to it. Thanks for the suggestion!
  3. Glad you found some time for tower with all that fingering you’ve been doing lately. Good work!
  4. Good work Bradley, get ready for those 100+ departure events!
  5. Members, Be advised that the BVA forums will be unavailable on Friday, January 3rd 2019 between 1300-1500 local (1800-2000 zulu) for scheduled maintenance. The ATC Hub, Discord and TeamSpeak will not be affected. Please plan accordingly if you need to use any of our resources located on the forums at those times. ~ Your friendly, neighbourhood Webmaster.
  6. Meh Jay went soft lately ^^ Congrats Jero, this is where the real fun begins!
  7. Good work! You've been assigned the Saturday 1am-7am shift on Boston Ground.

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