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  1. Good work! You've been assigned the Saturday 1am-7am shift on Boston Ground.
  2. The aforementioned scheduled maintenance has been completed successfully. The forums are available.
  3. Members, Be advised that the BVA forums will be unavailable on Monday, November 25th 2019 between 1700-1900 local (2200-0000 zulu) for scheduled maintenance. The ATC Hub, Discord and TeamSpeak will not be affected. Please plan accordingly if you need to use any of our resources located on the forums at those times. ~ Your friendly, neighbourhood Webmaster.
  4. Done! Participated again and looking forward to see the results. Getting ready for all the butt hurt comments about P3D vs X-Plane. And let's be honest, I will either be making them or instigating them based on the results
  5. Great work Eli, this is one of the harder certs to get through especially with Jay Have fun in the dark!
  6. Thank you all for the kind words! On November 29th, 2016 I got the email from Camden that I’ve been accepted into BVA as an Air Traffic Controller. In about a months time I’ll celebrate my 3 year anniversary while finally having achieved the highest certification our training program has to offer. It always blows my mind to think about this, but I’m just some guy you all met on the Internet, befriended and started sharing this great passion with. In the past 3 years BVA members have driven me across multiple states in a car, flew me couple a hundred feet away from the NYC skyline in a private airplane, shared (probably unhealthy) amounts of alcohol with me and have broken bread (and cake) at our annual meetup. On top of that a lot of you spent hours teaching me the rules of aviation, screamed at me to identify myself on frequency and taught me how to move blips on the radar. You all volunteer to do that because you believe in this passion and you want to give back to this amazing community. Like I said, this has and will always amaze me, and for your time and friendship, I will be forever grateful. Love you all, π.
  7. Congrajlashins Collin!! Tower at Boston is one of the most fun positions in our ARTCC, enjoy it.
  8. Once again, -34%, $39.59 https://store.steampowered.com/app/269950/XPlane_11/
  9. To be fair, you taught me as well ... Now I have someone to blame!
  10. Chris, Thank you for everything you've done for this community and for its members. You're hard working, conscientious and competent, and I'm sure you'll do well in whatever you pursue. I hope to see you around, share this weird hobby with you and get to hear some crazy stories from your flying career Good luck!
  11. Nice! One more person to join the rest of us underlings in messing up Jay's final sequence Congrats!
  12. greeN Light And away we go! Congrats NL!

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