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Austin Cirulli

[8 August 2020 12-7pm ET] 21st Annual Boston Tea Party LIVE!

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Cheers to 21 Years!


Save the date for the 21st Annual Boston Tea Party presented by Boston Virtual ARTCC!


On Saturday, August 8th, our controllers will gather in Nashua, NH to bring you seven uninterrupted hours of ATC coverage across the entirety of the Boston ARTCC. That includes Boston (KBOS), Bradley (KBDL), Providence (KPVD), Syracuse (KSYR), Portland (KPWM), Albany (KALB), and The Cape.


We'll kick the party off at 12:00 pm ET on August 8th and control the entire day until 7:00 pm. Be advised that due to the nature of the live event, we will promptly halt ATC services at 7:00 pm ET, so please plan your flights accordingly. Pilots are highly encouraged to read Boston Virtual ARTCC's Letter to Airmen before flying!


During the event, pilots may also participate in our annual Tea Party Poker Run! Participating pilots can receive virtual poker cards after completing eligible flights. Pilots holding the best hands at the end of the event will have the opportunity to win great prizes from our Event Sponsors, which include HiFi, Orbx, RealityXP, Rex Simulations, and Thrustmaster! Rules and participation information will be posted prior to the event on a dedicated Tea Party event page here on the BVA website. Stay tuned!



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