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  1. Dear colleagues, friends, and other random people on the internet, It is my extreme pleasure to present to you our newest addition to the BVA Class C Del/Gnd S1 squad, mister KT. He weathered an ironically busy VFR day at PWM, re-routing planes and keeping all the problem pilots under control (looking at you Mr. DCT to JFK, Default GPS, 3000'). It was great working with KT, and I'm excited to finally have the chance to work with him on the network. He comes to BVA with a wealth of experience as a helicopter pilot (we seem to have a growing community of these rotor-heads!). Please, put all your hands together, then apart again, and then back together in rapid succession to greet our new S1 controller!
  2. It is my pleasure to announce that Chessie Newbold (ND) has passed his S1 Checkout! Never Did he falter as the Numerous Departures and somewhat Nuisance of an annoying Delta pilot tried to create Neverending Disasters. He was able to Nullify the Delays and got all the airplanes out expeditiously and safely. Congrats and please welcome our Newest Delivery/ground controller ND!
  3. Congrats PS! I say we have a Cam-Off to see who gets to keep the name, and who is relegated to their OI. Us Austin's are at a mutual truce for now, but I fear we may have to duke it out in the near future. This would be a great opportunity to see how we'd run such a gladiatorial event.
  4. Please Dispense ample praise for our newest Class C Ground controller, PD! Jeff knocked his OTS at PWM out of the park tonight, and we even were fortunate enough (and somewhat forced to by the sweatbox server) to have a great on-network session at ACK to round off the evening's training festivities. From helicopters going VFR into indefinite ceilings to Szymon in a TBM going GPS Direct to JFK; Jeff handled everything like a champ. PD, welcome to the team, and see you on the network! (I'm not sure English has words with P and D together, so I apologize for my lack of puns here.)
  5. You should be able to use the scenery Evan linked. Some scenery addons have a ground texture problem where taxiways are grass, so if you use one made for a previous version of P3D then try it out beforehand. If you are a BVArtcc Member check under the Members-downloads-required software tab.
  6. Also, a great Youtube content creator and sim-blogger has made a fantastic walk-through for those who might feel overwhelmed about taking up X-Plane. My favorite blog post of his was where he explained how he used X-Plane and P3D for different things, and he never took the "jump" as many people call it. He just expanded into another platform without replacing the other. If you haven't checked out X-Plane 11 yet I highly recommend it as well. It's like $60 (Cheaper than some addons, for a whole sim) and most of the awesome stuff in these posts are FREE. Check out this guy's website, it has a whole checklist for making X-Plane 11 get that P3D addon quality without having to spend a dime. http://www.ontheglideslope.net/2016/12/31/how-to-get-started-with-x-plane-11-for-those-coming-from-p3d-or-fsx/
  7. Thanks a ton guys! Couldn't have done it without everyone helping me along the way, be it with mentoring/instruction or helping me learn.

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