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  1. Please welcome Kyle as our newest S1 here at BVA. He MUstered up the gusto to MUve some serious tin while not MUtilating any clearances. He's going to be a great addition to any Cab staffing, and I hope to see him work a MUltitude of traffic near future.
  2. Please join me in congratulating Connor Tam in getting his Class C Ground/Delivery certification! Connor showed he's got what it takes to manage the bustling ground at Portland, and beyond! Well done TM, see you on the scopes.
  3. Ladies and Gentleman of BVA! Please allow me to present to you our newest S1 controller, Brodey Moran (CG). For the past few weeks I've had the pleasure of training with CG, and today we finished up his C/D DEL/GND with a session at the very gusty Portland Jetport. He handled all the dubiously irresponsible pilots, most of whom just couldn't quite read back their hold-short instructions the first time. Please join me in congratulating CG on his completion of the S1 curriculum. I'm sure we'll be seeing at Logan in no-time.
  4. Cheers to 21 Years! Save the date for the 21st Annual Boston Tea Party presented by Boston Virtual ARTCC! On Saturday, August 8th, our controllers will gather in Nashua, NH to bring you seven uninterrupted hours of ATC coverage across the entirety of the Boston ARTCC. That includes Boston (KBOS), Bradley (KBDL), Providence (KPVD), Syracuse (KSYR), Portland (KPWM), Albany (KALB), and The Cape. We'll kick the party off at 12:00 pm ET on August 8th and control the entire day until 7:00 pm. Be advised that due to the nature of the live event, we will promptly ha
  5. Important Reminders for Pilots Flying the HONK! FNO (April 17) We look forward to staffing Boston (KBOS) and Bradley (KBDL) for HONK!, beginning at 7pm ET on Friday, April 17. In partnership with VATCAN, Toronto (CYYZ) will also be fully staffed. As pilots who have flown in recent VATSIM events will know, traffic is very busy on the network these days! Recent FNO events have seen record levels of traffic that, in many cases, exceeds the real-world capacity of the airports. We want to ensure everyone who flies in our HONK! FNO has a great experience. To do th
  6. The Non-Event Routes are found below for Boston Arrivals. Please review the VATSIM brief for CTP pilots. It includes information on oceanic procedures, the NAT Tracks the CTP team created, and guidance for non-event traffic. The routes below are a combination of the routing pairs found in the post so you won't have to peice them together yourselves. TRACK A (NATA): DINIM 5120N 5130N 5040N 4850N NICSO - for flights to East Coast USA, KJFK, KBOS EHAM to KBOS IDRID L980 MANGO L620 DAWLY P71 LESLU DINIM NATA NICSO TOPPS AJJAY OOSHN5 EGLL to KBOS CPT U
  7. Routes will be posted here after the routes planning meeting tomorrow. Please check this thread if you plan on departing from Europe, please check back prior to departing for route information.