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[23 Jun 2020 08-11pm ET] Regional Circuit: PVD, MHT, BDL

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In the Regional Circuit, we staff up multiple of our airports to provide pilots with an opportunity to receive 'gate-to-gate' ATC service for the duration of the event. Pilots are encouraged to fly between the airports and make the return flight if time allows; however, traffic from other airports is welcome as well. The Regional Circuit always creates an immersive atmosphere with busy frequencies and congested airways between the host airports.

This Regional Circuit features Providence (KPVD), Manchester (KMHT), and Bradley (KBDL).

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13 hours ago, Mark Rehnborg said:

Seems like a good night for PRP VFR 3, 4, and 6. Will KBOS be staffed as well?

We generally don't staff KBOS unless it's advertised as part of the event. Because so many network pilots fly jetliners, it's hard to attract enough traffic at airports like PVD, MHT, and BDL when there is also top-down coverage at KBOS. Of course, as Alfonso says, there will typically be enough coverage available at KBOS, from either Center or Boston Approach, so you can complete PRP flights requiring Class B clearances. 


Where possible, we always recommend doing PRP flights in and around the controlled airports, even if they deviate from the original scripts. Of course, there's no other place to do the KBOS VFR helicopter procedures. But PRP VFR 5 would certainly be possible (we would probably accept something like PVD to MHT, with a stop at an uncontrolled along the way). And, many of the PRP IFR flights, including IFR 1-4, could easily be adapted for this airspace.



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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