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Clif Whitten

Community Content Coordinator

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I am pleased to announce that Austin Cirulli (RQ) is assuming the role of BVA Community Content Coordinator.   


When Austin accepted the Events Coordinator position in December 2019, the Administration Team combined the roles and responsibilities of Social Media Manager into the EC's position.  Since then, the frequency, size, and complexity of events has grown, and so has Austin's workload.  In order to balance that load, the position of Community Content Coordinator has been created.   Austin will continue to be heavily involved in events;  one of his primary responsibilities will be directing the creative aspects of our events program.  


The Event Coordinator position is open for application and can be found here.   Austin will continue to fulfill the EC responsibilities until the position is hired.  


Congratulations, Austin and thank you for your continued dedication to BVA!




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As you assume this new role, I want to say big thank you for all your work you've done so far for BVA.

The position of an Event Coordinator takes a tremendous amount of work, meetings, planning, coordination and more.

Your time input into doing all these things is highly appreciated by all of us.

More so, your event themes, banners and branding are some of the best on VATSIM and they help us maintain our tradition of excellence.


Thank you!


Here's a small collage of some of the event banners you've created:





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