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Guest Jonathan Asher

IMC Event?

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Guest Jonathan Asher

So after tonight's poor weather at KACK, it made me begin thinking.... what if we had an event similar to a regional circuit, maybe even a regional circuit, but the weather was absolute minimums? The chaos and fun would be so wonderful, and to have airports fully staffed like that? That'd be SOO cool!

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Guest Max Enis

How bout a GA Fly-In :lol: :lol: Just kidding. That would be fun! Preferably two airports that have CAT III ILS's. It's always fun to sit back, relax, and watch the plane flare for a smooth touchdown. Perhaps KATL and KCLT? Or maybe KSEA-KPDX? The only problem i think is setting up the weather in the server. Some users run active sky, so don't. Sometimes too it is unrealistic that airport 100-200nm away from each other have the exact same weather, possible, but not common.

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Guest Brandon Carter

This idea has come up in the past, however it has not been attempted in a few years due to logistics and connectivity problems that occurred during the first one.


Although someone posted a forum poll question about it a few months ago was asking members if they'd like to try another IMC event. The members voted in the affirmative.


Administrators said they would do another one, though unfortunately, I haven't heard anything of that since then.


Definitely read this thread: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1028

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Guest Jonathan Asher
How bout a GA Fly-In Just kidding.




Atlanta and Charlotte is a perfect example of a VERY large front moving along the east coast. It happens all the time. In fact, it was like that a few weeks ago! The weather was horrible in Virginia, and formed a straight line down through Charlotte, Atlanta, and even parts of Florida. So it is possible to have that kind of weather in real life.

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Administrators said they would do another one, though unfortunately, I haven't heard anything of that since then.

Fortune really has nothing to do with it; "BVA's administration" has been a little busy when it comes to events. Minor things like responding to every single request for Regional Circuits by juggling our schedule and planning the European Tour, on which the poster quoted above spent a lot of time working, have kept us busy. The European Tour has been a priority for slightly longer than a foul weather event.


Given my real-world work constraints, I would have to restart the server at approximately 7:30pm ET to set the weather before the event. I'd rather not do that right before the Regional Circuit event so what about if we bring back our old "double play" concept? The next time we have a Tuesday Night Rc in the Boston/New York area, we'll do it again on the following Friday (assuming there is no conflict) and have foul weather set at one of the airports that night. We cannot do for this KACK & KLGA event because although the airports would be ideal for it, we have a GA Fly-in that Friday night.


Since I am liable to forget, I will rely on you folks. When you see an event upcoming that will work, give me at least 1 weeks' notice via these forums. In other words, next time you see in the "coming up next week" box two northeast airports, let me know and we'll set it up.



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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