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Clif Whitten

Training Administrator

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I am pleased to announce that Joshua Nunn (NU) has been selected to serve as BVA’s Training Administrator.   Josh has served on the Administration Team both as my Deputy and as our Events Coordinator.  He has been a member of the training staff since 2018, earning his Instructor rating early in 2020.   Josh has big shoes to fill with the departure of outgoing TA Jamsheed Lovelace, but we know he will rise to the challenge.


Congratulations, Josh!  Thank you for your continued dedication to the BVA Community.



Clif Whitten

Air Traffic Manager
Administration Team

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Congratulations Josh! A well deserved appointment, I’m sure you’ll continue to bring new ideas to the BVA training department.


Thank you again Jay for your many years of hard work making BVA a better place. You’ve left large shoes to fill. Enjoy retirement!



Krikor Hajian (HI)

BVA Controller (C1)


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Congrats Josh! We know you will succeed and continue to keep the torch alive!


Jay thank you for everything you did as TA and will continue to do as an I1, encouraging others to push themselves further than they thought they could go and helping to create and maintain the best training department in VATUSA!

Edited by Evan Musial



Evan Musial (MA)

Student 3 (S3)




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