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Guest Jonathan Asher

KPBI issues

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Guest Jonathan Asher

Hi guys,


I'm so excited for the PBI-TPA RC tomorrow! However, PBI may become a bit chaotic, as runway numbers have changed, and one of the runways has been renovated on for 2 years and counting, and is still closed. Thoughts?

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You are right Jon,


We also had the same problem with new magnetic alignments for the runways in KTPA (A late update was posted... but I also found other issues in it). I guess we will have to take a closer look into this when we prepare for Events. It will be part of my new job with the A-Team; preparing flight plans and routes and being on the look out for scenery needs to request updates to be made by the Scenery Team developers...


Thanks for the heads up. :)


In KPBI, which runway is "still two years" in construction? --- The airnav.com site shows them in good condition: FAA INFORMATION EFFECTIVE 25 AUGUST 2011 >> in http://airnav.com/airport/Kpbi ...

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Guest Jonathan Asher

Its RWY 32/14, I don't think it's an official closure, but I fly out of KPBI 10-15 times per year and the last 25 or so flights, there has been work on it, and a big 15 foot tall lit X on each end. My most recent flight was 8/18.

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Okay folks. Dan and Andrew have been up until...well, now...working on this last-minute update for the KPBI airport to change the runway numbering. Let's show them both our appreciation of their hard work by making sure we all get the update for KTPA and KPBI installed for the event tonight.


Jon: next time, if you could let us know about issues with the airport in advance (say, 2 weeks instead of a few hours), the chances of getting the update out will be greatly improved.



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Guest Joseph Marcoux

Ditto with Tofu! Gotta work tonight. Have fun guys/gals!!

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Guest Jonathan Asher

On behalf of the BVA community, I think we can all say we thank the three of you TONS... I apologize for not saying earlier, it didn't hit me till the last minute. Looking forward to tonight!

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