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Gilles Lagace

Event Flight Planning reminder tutorial

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Hi everyone,


I thought it would help some members to review the necessary Flight Planning for our Events.


:arrow: 1-) First go to current Event's Detail page : http://www.bostonvirtualatc.com/dnn/Reg ... fault.aspx


:arrow: 2- Get DATE and TIME info and take note of them on your "Kneeboard" with all other info you must get for the flight. : Our Next Regional Circuit: Tuesday, November 1, 8-11pm ET --- Location: Jacksonville (KJAX) and Savannah (KSAV)


:arrow: 3-) Do not forget to download ANY available scenery; as you may recieve the latest update in e-mail up to prior to event. Make it easy on yourself and controllers, download available scenery to your "C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XAddon Sceneryscenery"


:arrow: 4-) Do not forget to look up the active Weather from the "List current ATIS" button in Flight Desk, and take note of ATIS, not forgetting to include the code letter for the current ATIS to your Clearance and ATC calls... "Boston Clearance Cessna N205TQ requesting IFR with information PAPA (P). ..."


:arrow: 5-) Be prepared to write down and know your controllers' frequencies, in the order of the flight sequence : "Clearance, Ground, Tower, Departure/Approach and Center ... and also nearing the destination... Approach, Tower, Ground... adding the destination's Clerarance if you make the return trip! --- In cockpit, using the written notes and Flight Desk will be of great help tuning your radios, for up to 4 frequencies, in advance!


:arrow: 6-) [PRINT] .... all print outs can be found using Fligh Desk's "list Current ATIS button" and right-clicking on "Get airport info" links in the ATIS page.






:arrow: 7-) Take note of the preferred routes which are given to you in "shorthand" writing. This flight plan line is to be written in the Flight Desk "Routes/waypoints" box for your flight plan. This is what the controllers understand and only want to know to guide you in flight.


Preferred Route for KJAX to KSAV: JAX4 SSI V3 SVN <-- this is the shorthand plan.

JAX4 = a Standard Instrument Departure, called a SID. You will take off according to the SID or controllers' instructions.

SSI = is BRUNSWICK VOR and has a frequency (109.80) to be tuned in your NAV1 or NAV2 radio. From Jacksonville, the controller will vector you with headings to SSI, from there you will resume own navigation (GPS or NAV Instruments).

V3 = is a Victor airway, or low altitude "road in the sky". Between SSI and SVN, you will be flying on the V3 airway.

SVN = is HUNTER VOR and has a frequency (111.60) to tune in your NAV1 or NAV2 radio. From HUNTER, the approach controller will vector you for landing in KSAV and hand you off to Savannah Tower when on ILS or visual for final approach... There in no Standard Arrival plate (STAR) for Savannah.



Preferred Route for KSAV to KJAX: SAV V37 SSI SSI3 <-- this is the shorthand plan.

SAV = is SAVANNAH VOR and has a frequency (115.95) to tune in your NAV1 or NAV2 radio. From Savannah, the controller vectors you with headings to SAV or vectors you to the first planned KELER waypoint , from there you will resume own navigation (GPS or NAV Instruments).

V37 = is a Victor airway and contains many waypoints : from KELER WOHPY HARPS BROUN up to SSI

SSI = is BRUNSWICK VOR and is part of the Standard Arrival procedure, called a STAR, containing SAV + SSI and CRG (the CRAIG VOR is on 114.50).

SSI3 = This STAR was your final step to destiantion and the controller will be following your progress and vector you to TOWER when near landing final FIX position.



:arrow: 8- ) 8-) Be sure to download the ".PLN" files to your computer (in a well know-to-you folder). :idea: "Click Here to Download Preferred Routes" is a link you will find in the Event's Details page.


:arrow: 9-) When you have boarded your airplane cockpit, then "LOAD" the needed flight plan to your GPS, using the FSX menu bar with "Flights/Flight Planner" sub-menus until you see the correct PLAN inside your GPS list (click the FPL brown bottom side center button, there ... it will show the "long"list of waypoints or legs for your flight. It is often times much more detailed than the "shorthand" version you see in the Event's Details page.


















:arrow: 10-) Now you can enjoy the flight, knowing better, because you will know where your are going : I suggest to use this Skyvector link to have a look at your PLANS... on sectional charts, or IFR LOW AND HIGH en Route charts.



Thanks for your comments, hoping this can help all our members! :)

Gilles | CYUL | Founder of the "TANGO SQUADRON" - BVA member since July 31st 2008



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