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Guest Owe Jørgensen

Crosswind getaway

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Guest Owe Jørgensen

Let me tell you all a tale about two airports in northern Norway, ENRS (Røst) and ENAN (Andøya). These two airports are located approx 30-50 minutes flight with a c176 from the main regional airport, ENBO (Bodo). These airports are also known for their attrocious crosswind conditions, and I have enjoyed quite a lot of fun flying there in real life.


Would it be possible to have a getaway there? I know those of us who enjoy GA and VFR would be seriously challenged there, and the crosswinds at ENRS and ENAN would make this entertaining for both controllers and pilots (provided the mountains around ENAN don't run into your tail)...


There is also a nice airfield to the northeast of ENAN that will do for the airline entusiasts: ENTC (Tromsø / Langnes). This airport makes for a 30 minute trek in a 737 from ENBO and features an approach between the norwegian mountains that is both challenging and quite scenic.


Give these airfields a try when the weather is shitty, and you'll understand why I'm asking...

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We haven't had much success trying international events. For example, we recently put our European Tour event on hold because pilots didn't seem interested and the amount of work that went into planning those events wasn't worth the turnout.


Take a look at:





Do you think that these airports and this idea would be any different? I'm not trying to shut the idea down but just to give you an idea of the success we've had going abroad. If our objective is difficult crosswinds then maybe we could use one of our bad weather events (like a Pack the Pattern) and set a difficult crosswind for pilots to content with.



Evan Reiter

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Guest Lucas Kaelin

Maybe instead of something enroute we could do a Pack the Pattern event overseas. This way pilots only have to have an approach chart and airport diagram instead of a whole enroute map and the frustration of trying to locate multiple airports. Additionally it would be helpful if on the event info page (with controllers signed up, scenery downloads, preferred routes) to have a link directly to the charts required.

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Maybe instead of something enroute we could do a Pack the Pattern event overseas.

Thanks shyflyguy, I agree with this idea. We are actually working on something that can allow the use of ideas expressed by members in the Forums. :) Stay tuned folks!

Gilles | CYUL | Founder of the "TANGO SQUADRON" - BVA member since July 31st 2008



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Guest Owe Jørgensen

I think shyflyguy has a good point here too.


Well, if people are not interested, then they are not interested. It's no biggie.


Either way, this is what you're missing out on:


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