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M. B. Ingersoll

Regional Circuit (KIAD - KLGA)

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Once again, I got a late start for this event so I just spawned at N87 which, it appears, is just inside ZDC's airspace. Got my IFR and headed to LGA. ZDC switched me to N90 passing RBV and he allowed me to keep my requested LOC 31 approach instead of the Expressway Visual for which I'm very grateful. Got the long roll-out on 31 to use AA to taxi to parking (I was in a Baron) which was also appreciated.


But mostly, I'm appreciative of those three Controllers who stayed past 2300 EDT to allow me to complete this flight. Thanks!

----M B Ingersoll

----FAA Retired

----ZFW 1984-2008

----USAF 1973-1983

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Glad the flight went well!


That Expressway Visual is a fun one that I do recommend (maybe not late at night). I do suggest that you give it a try when you have a bit of time (and maybe in free flight first) as I expect you'll enjoy it. We've written a bit of instructional material to help orient you to the flight here: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3703.


See you online again soon!



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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