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Chris Raabe

NorCal getaway

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I know it might be kinda late to make suggestions but if you east coast people want the full Norcal experience you might consider flying up to KRDD. We consider KFAT more on the Socal side than the Norcal side. Plus you can't visit CA without flying by Mt Shasta which is a stones throw away from KRDD. You get valley flying in Norcal (which we consider SMF and north) and you get a whole whole bunch of mountain flying. If you want a challenge take a 172 and fly from O05 to O89 and try not to hit Mt Lassen. For you MIL guys the MOA we use is the WHITMORE MOA so i expect a bunch of flying to be done there while the getaway is going on.


For the scenery team can one of you sit down with me one afternoon in the next week and show me how to build an airport? I wanna make a runway thats on our property but fsx doesnt depict it because it isnt published

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KRDD sounds like a lot of fun! While we provide preferred routes and airports we encourage pilots and controllers to explore other airports throughout the Getaway. Hope to see a few controllers online in that region.



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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