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Guest Chris Hall


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Guest Chris Hall

Anyone get pictures or videos from yesterday's event?

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Guest Chris Hall

ah, i think i watched most of those planes land. i think when i left kphx there was a decent taxi line, but i forgot to take pics :shock: i only have shots oh muh baby at the gate during the wee hours of the morning waiting for traffic :roll:



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I've got another radar return to add to this growing collection here. Let me dig it out....there... picked this one out right after the PHX rush ended. Planes stacked four or 5 deep for departure, tower too busy to answer requests for runway crossings, ground getting called every 5 seconds, clearance on his toes... good times!



Dan P.

PPL ASEL - High Perf & Complex Endsr.

KHVN - Tweed-New Haven/KOXC - Waterbury-Oxford

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