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Erik VanderWerf

Stuck on Spokane

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It seems the RC box is stuck on Spokane and Seattle. This happens every time I go the the site and started happening when we did this route a few weeks ago. Ive clicked on all the "more info" boxes and I got the real one but this week it says we are really going there again. Is it true?

Erik VanderWerf

Occasional Flyer


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Guest Brandon Carter

Last week's event was Seattle (KSEA) and Vancouver (CYVR).


Tonight's event is Seattle (KSEA) and Spokane (KGEG).

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Guest Chris Hall

wtf is rc box? *edit* oh that one |)


i'll agree we've been seeing too much of the northwest lately..

i think evan doesnt like to be too far from canada :mrgreen: be it east or west

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No, a few weeks ago when we did Spokane and some other airport.

The Regional Circuit events have been: KGEG & KMSO, CYVR & KSEA, and KSEA & KGEG (this week). Someone requested KSEA & KGEG, KSEA & CYVR was in honour of the Olympics in Vancouver. The documentation on the website has reflected each of these airports accordingly.



Evan Reiter

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Administration Team

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