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Evan Reiter

Regional Circuit Scheduling

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Over the past few weeks we have been asking pilots and controllers about their preferences for our Regional Circuit event. As you know, we've held the Regional Circuit event from 8-11pm ET on Tuesday nights, without much thought as to whether that day and time is best for our members.


Controllers and pilots both responded favorably to the concept of the Regional Circuit, but agreed that sometimes availability (e.g., having standing commitments on Tuesday nights or just having a bit more to do these days than previously) can get in the way of attending the event. Please see below for the results of our poll question about the Regional Circuit that pilots responded to.


In an effort to try to cater to the flexible and variable schedules of our membership, we'll be trying out a rotational schedule for our Regional Circuit events, starting on Wednesday, October 9 with KACK & KBOS. After that, Rc events will be held on an 8-day rotating schedule on weekday evenings. The schedule has been posted on our Events Calendar up to November 5. The concept and format of the event will change, but members will need to be aware of the dates these events are held.


There are three very easy ways you can get a reminder about our events:

1. Join our "Event Reminders" mailing list: if you aren't already receiving a reminder email within 24 hours of the event, send us a note at [email protected] to subscribe

2. Subscribe to our text messaging service by texting 'BVA' to shortcode 75309

3. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter


By November 5, we'll take a look at how the Regional Circuit events have worked for members and open up the discussion for how we want to proceed. Until then, Regional Circuits will be displayed as Double Play events to highlight the new dates.


Poll Question Results: Should we modify the scheduling of our Regional Circuit event? (NOTE: This question was not accessible to Air Traffic Controllers.) [september 29, 2013]

a) No - leave it on Tuesday: 22%

b) Yes - move it to a different day: 22%

c) Yes - move it to a rotating schedule: 33%

d) Unsure / Doesn't Matter: 22%

Total Responses: 45



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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