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Gilles Lagace

The longest cross-country

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Good Day!


As this might be of interest to our members, here is a link to a coming "real life" project, (The Flight for the Human Spirit).


I found it in the AOPA March 2010 magazine, page 85... and referring to this site :


http://http:|//www.|flightHS.|com > or < http://http:|//itsneverevertoolate.|com/


This could trigger some future BVATC events, or personal flying options.


Anyway, here is a link to the HUGE FLIGHT PLAN the pilot wants to use flying over 50 states for 19,400 Miles during a period of 40 days starting April 4th 2010.




Many happy hours of flying to you! |)


"Press Release: Take-off to be on April the 5th"...http://http:|//flightforthehumanspirit.|groupsite.|com/blog "

Gilles | CYUL | Founder of the "TANGO SQUADRON" - BVA member since July 31st 2008



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Guest Robert Williams

That reminds me when I was a young ATC without kids and would volunteer to work Christmas Eve midnight shift (at a Center), usually somebody somewhere would put in a flight plan for Santa Claus (SANTA1, flight of 9) and start a phony radar track on it that would zig-zag across the U.S. and hit all the states, at about 5,000 knots, so it would finish the country by the end of the shift at 6:30AM. Then we'd hand off the bogus "SANTA" datablock back and forth all night. I guess it seemed fun at the time. (Sorry to divert the thread!)

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