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M. B. Ingersoll

GA FlyIn Hawaii 25 JAN 2015

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The Controllers all sounded like they had enough aircraft to keep them awake. After two legs in a Baron (KHMU to KHKO, then from there to KHTO), at the tail end of the session, I got in an Army C12 (yeah, I'm old) for an IFR hop up the mountain to PHSF (Bradshaw AAF on the eastern edge of the prohibited area 3103). To say the weather was not cooperating would be an understatement. But I got excellent help from ZHU. He vectored me between the volcanoes at his MVA and, as soon as I was far enough west, he let me down another 300 feet but even that was not enough. He offered to get me lower west of the airport for an approach to RWY 09 (I'd been attempting 27), but about a half mile or so past the airport, I got ground contact and was able to land on RWY 09. The photo shows my view at the completion of my landing rollout on this 3695 foot long runway. I went totally IMC with about 1500 remaining, then out, back in and out again until I could stop pretty much right on the numbers for 27. The Old Guy's Wild Ride.


Thanks for staying late, Evanet!


----M B Ingersoll

----FAA Retired

----ZFW 1984-2008

----USAF 1973-1983

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