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Guest Dana Atwood

Logan and Barnstable Field-Trip

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Guest Dana Atwood

Okay, I know this is a crazy idea, but have you guys ever hosted a real-life field-trip to Logan or Barnstable? Boston is a great place to visit in the summer anyway, but a visit to the tower at Logan or to Cape Air at Barnstable would be a blast. I come down every summer to visit my sisters (we grew up down that way) and to visit college friends, so I'll be in the neighborhood. I bet a bunch of us would be willing to make the trek if we could coordinate a visit to the Logan tower or to Barnstable (and, except for the traffic, Cape Cod is a great place to visit in the summer, too). Okay, that's my crazy idea. Thoughts? -- Dana

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Guest Kevin Wojtanek

That would be a cool thing to do but from what I've heard they are no longer allowing non-FAA personnel into the towers anymore. My dad's girlfriend is a former USAF ATC with friends that work at KBOS_TWR ( I believe it's KBOS or maybe KBDL) and her friends said she wasn't allowed to enter the tower when she wanted to visit them due to the incident at KJFK.

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Guest Brandon Carter
she wasn't allowed to enter the tower when she wanted to visit them due to the incident at KJFK.


I had always thought that a trip to the tower can be arranged with a phone call prior to the visit.


Maybe there was some type of a rule implemented immediately following the Kennedy incident? I'm not sure.

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Guest Dana Atwood

I'm crazy busy right now with end-of-the-year stuff at school, but I should have some time next week to do some research on a tower visit. I know that incident at JFK might nix this kind of visit, but you never know. Also, I bet Cape Air would be willing to host a field trip (especially considering their crazy MOCHA mission...well, we're not really customers but...). Before I do some homework on this, do any of you guys have connections at either place? Or, the obvious question, are any of you real-life controllers who might have an in with the RW community? Okay, just keeping this idea going. -- Dana (aka the newbie)


p.s. Hey, I'll see you guys tomorrow night for the KBOS/KBTV RC...looking forward to it.

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I know that one of BVA's members (RangerTJSC, the President of Cape Air Virtual) went on a tour of the facility and spoke with a few of the real-world Cape Air's executives. They seemed excited about our VA version of Cape Air and, from what I understand, were very accommodating.



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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Guest Zachary Boivin

Tours are allowed again as long as the facility has an approved security plan... which just about every facility has. I don't know how accommodating they are at a real busy facility, but we have tours about once a week or so. Just call any of their public numbers. They can usually hook you up. If you can't find a number or a contact, let me know.

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