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Don Desfosse

New Air Traffic Manager

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Team ZBW,


First, I'd like to thank Paul Byrne (PB) for all of his hard work and outstanding results as Air Traffic Manager at the Boston ARTCC.  Paul upheld a long, proud tradition of excellence in this facility, one which each and every one of us must strive to uphold going forward.  May retirement treat you well, may the wind always be at your back, and may you never be a stranger here.  We don't care that you hang your hat in Dublin; Boston is still your home.


I am thrilled, privileged, humbled and honored to announce that I have been selected to serve you as Boston's newest Air Traffic Manager.  I am also thrilled that Jeffrey Marques (AA) is happy to stay on in his role as DATM.


My goals are simple, and ones that you have heard before.  I want to maintain, and grow, Boston's fine tradition of excellence.  We maintain our reputation by providing exceptional quality service, every day.  We grow it by providing more of it -- vast amounts more of it. 


My dream is to double our online presence in the next 6-9 months.  We can do that through increased training, increased availability, and increased teamwork.  One of our hallmarks is our ability to have fun here at ZBW, and another is our ability to have fun working together as a team.  The annual Tea Party event reinforces that for me every year.  May we all rise to the challenge, get on and control more, do something every day to improve our skills, and maintain and grow our presence as one of the hallmark ARTCCs within VATUSA, and on the entire network.


Thank you all for the opportunity to serve you and to help our team excel!


Don Desfosse (DO)

Air Traffic Manager

Boston ARTCC

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Guest Justin Martin



This is fabulous news for ZBW... it really is. With all the hard work that you put into this facility, I look forward to seeing the things that you will be able to accomplish as ATM. Congratulations!



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Guest Ric Teves

Don congratulations on your new position. Wish you luck as the ATM.


Paul sad to see you go. It was good to meet you and thanks for your efforts to get the old hacks together. May the wind be at your back!



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Congratulations!  They could not have chosen a better person to replace PB.  Your dedication to vZBW and VATSIM is evident and I look forward to working with you in your new role.


Paul - thanks for your leadership and hard work over the past few years!  It was a pleasure meeting you at the Tea Party and I look forward to seeing you again next year!  Cheers & RELAX!


Rich Bonneau (BU)

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Guest AA



To echo what everyone else has already said, ZBW could not have a better ATM. Like PB, I am sure that you will do an awesome job!  I am so glad that I can continue as DATM.

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Guest John Cierpial



I hope you enjoy your new position and make ZBW as good of an ARTCC as it was when under the helm of Captain PB!

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Don, I don't know how you do it. I could tell you had you hands full being TA, but now being ATM, I'm coming to the conclusion that you are a machine with a great personality. Congratulations and good luck.

Daniel Webster College '13 (RIP)

FAA Class: 103080

ZLC Area D

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Guest Rodger Johnson

Don, I hope you do a fine job in this position of leadership. I have confidence in your abilities and Im not worried at all.





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Hey Don,

Told ya! :P

Great man for the job, I'm sure you'll strike the balance between VATUSA bureaucracy and training. Onwards and upwards, you can count on my support to get Boston rolling in the next few months. I'll be plugging in as much as I can.

A great choice for a great ARTCC.




Matthew Spencer (SP)

Extremely Retired Training Administrator

ZBW's goodwill ambassador to the rich and famous

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Guest Bryant Andrew

Congrats DO!!! Have fun, you will do great!

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Don, I expressed my sentiments to you privately yesterday, but I'd just like to add publicly that this is a huge positive for ZBW, and there just is not a better man for the job! Congratulations (again), best of luck, the future should be very exciting under your leadership!

Tom Seeley

Deputy Director, VATUSA

ZBW Visiting Controller

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Guest Mike Catalfamo

Certainly the perfect person for the job.  Congratulations, Don, on your very well-deserved appointment!



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Guest Will Stewart



A huge congratulations! I am really looking forward to what you're going to bring to the table for ZBW!

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Guest Jacob Bush

Congratulations Don!  I have no doubt that you will do great things for vZBW.  Coming off of PB's leadership there are big shoes to fill, and big feet to fill them.  I would also like to thank PB for his service to our ARTCC, building it up into one of the best on VATSIM.  Enjoy your retirement, I hope to see ya on the scopes from time to time!   

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Guest Glenn Buonanducci

OUTstanding job, well deserved.

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Guest Philip Chu

congratulations DO looking forward to the management coming to ZBW

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Guest Marc Glade

Congratulations DO, vZBW is in great hands!

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Guest Jason Herman



A sincere congratulations for your well deserved promotion. I look forward to working with you throughout the year and controlling next to you again in July.  :)



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Hey Don, Congratulations.. In my short time here you have helped a lot and I look forward to filling in some of the blank controller slots during the day



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Thanks, Mike, your post brought me back to remember great memories of when I was appointed.  This has been just a super 4 months at the helm of the best ARTCC on the planet!  Helping each other succeed is what this team is all about.  Thanks again, and best wishes for super holidays!

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