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  1. Saludos RZ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Gongrats RG.. Its great to see all of the new certs coming on board...
  3. Great job. KY Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Tower Cab filling up around here.. Way to go WG
  5. Nice going for a Mainiac!!! Congrats BI
  6. Congratulations CY, its good to get back on scopes with all of the new "faces" while the 737 simulator is in the shop for the C Check teardown.
  7. Matt, I presume those approved will receive emails telling them that ?? I was late requesting (Tuesday morning) but still would like to be part of the test and fly in the test tonight.. MIke (WY)
  8. Congratulations to ALL of the ZBW controllers for a great event. As some of you know I am a very old member (both in age and in time served $)) at ZBW and this event made me proud to be part of a great group. RT did a great job on final with incredible traffic and it was nice to be involved with this kind of "real world" traffic with "real world" capable controllers. Keep up all of the good work!
  9. It’s good to see succession planning working to keep this great org going...Congrats to all!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Cam, You have provided the leadership at BVA that has made it one of the most respected ARTCC's in the VATSIM community. The merger was a healthy, but significant, management task which you and RT lead. This has allowed BVA to continue to develop, grow and provide new resources into our group. We all thank you for your leadership and time that you have provided. Onward, WY
  11. Mark Mayo and I flew the CYYZ to KBOS segment of the triangle last night and the controller performance was outstanding. Really nice sequencing from both APP and F-APP on the OOSHN5 as well as the tower and ground operations. Proud to be a 10 year part of this team. Its a new team from a few years ago, but the training and staff have kept the standards high and the performance at these events first class.. CONGRATS
  12. I flew the FNO last night with version 6 with NO problems and all of the aircraft looked really nice. I did see the JBU E190 issue at KJFK a little earlier so glad someone caught that. All in All, a very incredible job by the BVA team. This is what sets this ARTCC apart. Thanks to all who worked on this..
  13. Thanks for all of the work on this MR.. The files are getting better and better ;)
  14. Need to check the CYYZ to KBOS route. There is no DEDKI transition and the closest one TULEG is a little back and forth.. Flying that route tonight

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