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Don Desfosse

New A90 Plymouth Sector Frequency

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The A90 Plymouth sector frequency (also commonly known as Boston South sector for us) has changed from 120.60 to 127.20, and Rockport is now the default when they're combined. 


We will follow suit, effective immediately.  I have confirmed with the adjoining facilities that this should not be an issue to their operations.  That said, please let me know immediately if you encounter or become aware of any issues.  We will work to follow up with all of our documentation, though that may take a few weeks.


So, in a nutshell:

When there is one BOS APP on, it should be using 118.250

When we're split N/S, N should be on 118.250, and S should be on 127.200

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Note:  All controllers can make updates (if you feel comfortable editing text files) directly into your VRC and/or ASRC profile files, as well as the bostonpof.txt file (that comes with the sector pack).  Suggest for safety's sake that you search/replace one at a time, though if you're adventurous (and I think there's very low risk!) you can global search and replace 120.6 with 127.2.

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