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Don Desfosse

Announcing our newest DATM and Events Coordinator

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It's with a heavy heart that, due to real world obligations that need to take the preponderance of his time and focus, I announce the resignation of Jeffrey Marques (AA) as my Ass Chief.  Jeff continues to have my utmost respect as an excellent, seasoned controller and instructor, and has been of great help and counsel to me as I took over the reins as Chief of the ARTCC last summer.  Jeff, you have been and continue to be a great friend. I and the whole ARTCC have appreciated your dedication and steadfastness, and look forward to your contributions again as you have more time to contribute.


That said, I am thrilled to announce that Rich Bonneau (BU) has accepted my invitation to join this wild and crazy ride as my new Ass Chief.  Rich is an excellent manager, is dedicated and loyal to ZBW, and knows just how much Jim Beam goes in my Coke to make it perfect.  Obviously a perfect fit for the job!  ;D  Seriously, Rich is a steady force of excellence here at ZBW, and I (and we) are looking forward to your leadership in the number 2 slot (for now....!).


Finally, to ensure we maintain our excellence in staffing for events, Matt Spencer (SP) has accepted the role of Events Coordinator.  Between ensuring we keep up with ZBW's historical set of good events and dreaming up exciting new ones, I (and we) look forward to kicking it up a notch or two and getting to practice our fun more often.


Please join me in congratulating Jeff on a job well done and a well earned retirement (we look forward to bringing you out of retirement in a few months!) and congratulating Rich and Matt in their new roles.  Give 'em a week to get settled into their new offices and learn how to spell their new titles, then give 'em hell!


Don Desfosse

Air Traffic Manager

Boston ARTCC

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Guest Paul Byrne

Congrats guys!


Great choices.



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Great choices, Don! There are SO many possibilities with the title of Ass Chief, but probably nothing original.   8)

Thanks to AA for all he has done for ZBW. Real life just has to come first, a lesson we learn again and again. Best of luck Jeff.

Tom Seeley

Deputy Director, VATUSA

ZBW Visiting Controller

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Guest Glenn Buonanducci

Thank you, Jeff.


Congrats, Rich.


My condolences, Matt.

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Guest Thomas Reid

Thanks for everything that you have done for ZBW Jeff (and of course for all of the training that you have given to me over the past year)!


Congratulations to BU, a great choice!


And finally SP...yeah we'll see



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Guest Jacob Bush

Congratulations BU and SP, and a thank you to AA for your help!

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Guest Jason Herman

Thanks for all of your hard work, AA. Congratulations BU on your appointment to be the new Ass [Chief]. I think you will do a great job and look forward to working with you soon.


Congrats, SP! Can't wait to see some new events on the horizon.




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Guest Rodger Johnson

Great job and thanks for your help Jeff!


Welcome SP and BU! Good luck! and CONGRATS!



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Congrats BU, I hope I can live up to the job.

DO works fast... I checked my VATUSA profile and it's already updated. And Don, is this what you meant by you'd be in touch in a few days? ;D (Had to say it)

Thanks everyone for the vote of confidence, I'll do my best and start looking at what we can do in the coming weeks to help drum up some traffic and have some fun doing it.

I'm so bad at this that it's awkward over text,



Matthew Spencer (SP)

Extremely Retired Training Administrator

ZBW's goodwill ambassador to the rich and famous

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Guest Scott Crawford

Congrats to Matt and Rich, and thanks Jeff - sorry I didn't get to know you, but you've definitely left your mark here.

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Thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement and congratulations!


I'd like to personally thank AA for his dedication to vZBW over the past few years.  Onward & upward!


Oh yeah, thanks DO - the plates came in today!




I'm still not sure why you put Coke in your Jim Beam though....


Rich Bonneau (BU)

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BU, it's probably the same reason i like my sugar with coffee and creme... Anyway, congrats to both of you and AA, I did not really get to know you but good luck in all that you do.

Francis Dube (DB)



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